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Depression service pilot gets approval from first patients

Promising early results from NMS depression pilot revealed: latest data.

16 Oct 2023 , 3 Min Article

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Management, leadership or both?

So, do people follow you, or work for you? Find out more with this CPD module.

01 Mar 2022 , 60 Min Module

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Positive look is key to being heard

Make the most of customer interactions with this CPD module.

01 Dec 2021 , 60 Min Module


Using feedback to improve performance

Constructive feedback can be important in improving team morale, find out more with this CPD module.

03 Nov 2021 , 60 Min Module


Tick tock: making time for care

This module looks at managing workload in a pharmacy to give the best quality and most efficient care.

18 Jul 2021 , 60 Min Module

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Managing pressure

Discover and understand how to manage pressure on staff while building morale.

22 Jun 2021 , 4 Min Module

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The essence of entrepreneurialism

Be able to apply an entrepreneurial perspective to business problems and challenges with this CPD module.

24 May 2021 , 5 Min Module

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Tips for good communication

Put a premium on communication skills with this CPD module.

29 Apr 2021 , 3 Min Module

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Creating a successful team

Consider how you can engage with your staff to enhance productivity and results.

23 Mar 2021 , 4 Min Module