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Using topical painkillers for targeted relief

The OTC topicals fixture offers a wide range of options, with hot, cold and NSAID products, and includes both licensed OTC medicines and drug-free options.

16 Aug 2023 , 1 Min Article

asthma, lungs.jpg

Improving asthma care

Asthma attacks in the UK have increased by a third over the past decade and the number of people affected by the disease here is among the highest in the world. So why aren’t new therapeutic options being utilised to better effect?

09 Oct 2023 , 1 Min Article

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VIAGRA CONNECT®: Key knowledge updates

Update your knowledge of erection problems with key learning updates from recent research

21 Feb 2023 , 2 Min Module

bladder-weakness_male & female toilet sign.jpg

Scenario: Painful toilet visits

Kim O’Connell has asked for a quiet word with pharmacist Parveen and tells her it really hurts when she goes to the toilet...

23 Apr 2019 , 1 Min Article

woman period pains.jpg


This pharmacy scenario will improve your understanding of period pains, known as dysmenorrhoea.

22 Aug 2021 , 5 Min Module

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Hayfever helpers

As hayfever season returns, how can pharmacy teams advise customers to manage their symptoms effectively?

13 May 2022 , 3 Min Article

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Microvascular complications of diabetes

Update on the microvascular complications of diabetes and their prevention.

21 Jul 2021 , 20 Min Module