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Playing the long pain

From advice and signposting, to lending a sympathetic ear, there is plenty that pharmacy teams can do to support customers living with chronic pain.

10 Feb 2023 , 1 Min Article

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Learning update: Consultations around sexual health

Dealing with sexual health issues in pharmacy need not be embarrassing if handled sensitively.

20 Jan 2022 , 3 Min Article


The mental and physical benefits of an active lifestyle

Despite a surge in fitness fanatics during the pandemic, new research suggests the population’s activity levels are lower than ever before.

14 May 2022 , 1 Min Article

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Retail & merchandising

Driving sales to keep profit on track

Achieve retail success by following a few simple steps to improve your offer

27 Jul 2016 , 3 Min Article

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Hayfever 2021 test

This module will refresh your learning on the treatment options and management advice for hayfever.

24 May 2024 , 4 Min Module


Support parents to care for children

How community pharmacy can help and support worried parents and their children

20 Jun 2017 , 5 Min Article

Population Health

The business benefits of charity fundraising

Fundraising for local and national charities and organisations can have a positive impact on your business

30 Jul 2016 , 4 Min Article