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Travellers' checks

Whether pharmacy teams run a travel clinic or not, they are ideally placed to help customers prepare for a healthy holiday.

14 Apr 2019 , 5 Min Article

Population Health

Only lonely on the inside

Loneliness in older age is often a reality but is by no means absolute and pharmacy teams can offer support.

16 Jul 2019 , 5 Min Article

man in pain.jpg

Playing the long pain

From advice and signposting, to lending a sympathetic ear, there is plenty that pharmacy teams can do to support customers living with chronic pain.

10 Feb 2023 , 1 Min Article

crying baby.jpg

Children's pain and fever

Pain and fever can cause much distress in children, pharmacy teams can be there to provide reassurance and expert advice.

22 Jul 2019 , 15 Min Module


A covid kind of summer

Spending a lot more time at home in lockdown doesn't mean that seasonal health concerns should be overlooked.

15 Apr 2020 , 5 Min Article

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Running your business

Proof positive for hub and spoke

The mechanics of hub and spoke remain concerning for many, but the automation behind it has proven its worth for pharmacies of all sizes during the pandemic.

07 Jul 2020 , 3 Min Article



The hayfever season – starting as early as January – is coincident with large numbers of people looking to their pharmacy for help. To cope with this influx, pharmacy teams need to be on the ball with OTC solutions and remedies.

26 Mar 2024 , 15 Min Module