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Improving asthma care

Asthma attacks in the UK have increased by a third over the past decade and the number of people affected by the disease here is among the highest in the world. So why aren’t new therapeutic options being utilised to better effect?

09 Oct 2023 , 1 Min Article

Population Health

Can the quit smoking dip be turned around?

An NHS report has shown that the number of people who accessed NHS Stop Smoking Services fell for the fifth consecutive year in 2016/17

27 Sep 2017 , 4 Min Article

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Population Health

Dealing with diabetes

People with diabetes are at increased risk of the complications of Covid-19 so what do you need to know?

25 May 2020 , 4 Min Article

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Targeting pain

When pain strikes most people reach for a pack of oral analgesics – but there are times when topical pain relief may be more appropriate. 

23 Jul 2020 , 6 Min Article

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Managing infestations

Pharmacy teams are the first point of contact for debunking popular myths about parasitic infections.

20 Aug 2021 , 4 Min Article


A very diplomatic service

Bladder weakness may well be one of the fastest growing OTC categories in pharmacy but it's still a sensitive subject.

31 Aug 2017 , 3 Min Article

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Barriers to breast screening

Breast screening may be uncomfortable but it can prevent deaths from breast cancer, pharmacy teams can provide information.

24 Jan 2019 , 5 Min Article