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Management problem solving

Advice on planning and productivity.

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Management problem solving

Understanding risk in pharmacy

Understanding the risks you potentially face in a pharmacy

07 Nov 2016 , 900 Min Module

Management problem solving

How to respond to a reference request

Care is needed when putting together a reference for a past employee

04 Jul 2016 , 1 Min Article

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How to build resilience at work

With the pace of life so fast, can you learn how to manage it?

04 Jul 2016 , 900 Min Module

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Act now to lead change

How do you prepare for the process of change?

04 May 2016 , 900 Min Module

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Preparing for change

How do you keep your business going strong when undergoing periods of change?

04 Apr 2016 , 900 Min Module

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Managing difficult employees

Be clear about the standards you expect from your team, and deal with any problems promptly

04 Feb 2016 , 900 Min Module