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People skills

Develop good conversations with customers.

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People skills

Doing things differently for pharmacy efficiency

Naz Meghji shares the steps that Avicenna’s pharmacies have taken to improve pharmacy efficiency

08 Feb 2017 , 2 Min Article

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In a happy workplace? Keep up team morale

Pharmacies are busy and workload looks set to increase. So how do you maintain staff morale?

12 Jan 2017 , 4 Min Article

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How to build resilience at work

With the pace of life so fast, can you learn how to manage it?

04 Jul 2016 , 900 Min Module

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Act now to lead change

How do you prepare for the process of change?

04 May 2016 , 900 Min Module

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People skills

How to recruit employees

The recruitment process is one of vital importance to any business, how do you go about it?

02 Mar 2016 , 900 Min Module

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Managing difficult employees

Be clear about the standards you expect from your team, and deal with any problems promptly

04 Feb 2016 , 900 Min Module