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Business environment

Build a positive workplace.

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Business environment

Preparing your business for sale

Tony Evans explains the key points to consider when selling your pharmacy

03 Jan 2017 , 2 Min Article

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Business environment

Build your pharmacy around your patients

How highly does your pharmacy value its patients? Do you truely offer patient-centred care? 

04 Nov 2016 , 900 Min Module

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Business environment

Buying a pharmacy?

Key points to consider when buying a pharmacy business

10 Jul 2016 , 900 Min Module

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Business environment

Understanding the future

An educated view on future developments helps you to plan your direction today

21 Jun 2016 , 900 Min Module

Business environment

Business planning for the year ahead

Numark's Sharon Tommy explains why you should have a business plan and how to draw one up

03 Feb 2016 , 2 Min Article

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Business environment

Your business plan for the year ahead

What is your business plan for 2016?

07 Jan 2016 , 900 Min Module