Self Care

  1. Helping customers treat & care for their scalp

    Understanding the causes and symptoms of some common scalp conditions will help you to make a real difference to your customers’ lives. Complete this module to discover self-care and product adv...

  2. Metabolic syndrome and the link to skin diseases

    Patients with inflammatory skin diseases should be targeted and provided with heart health checks by community pharmacy teams.

  3. A fertile area for pharmacy?

    Pharmacy has shown that it can offer effective sexual health services but fragmented commissioning and significant funding cuts mean that provision varies widely.

  4. Sore throat treatment update

    Update your knowledge on treating sore throat without antibiotics with this short, interactive module.

  5. Advising on stimulant laxatives

    Find out how new MHRA regulations affect the supply of stimulant laxatives so you can reassure customers and help them find the right products

  6. Allergy awareness

    For many allergy sufferers there is no pollen involved, nor is the problem seasonal in nature – all of which can make it harder to determine the cause. Pharmacists can help.

  7. Nutrition and Covid-19

    The Covid-19 pandemic has increased interest in the role of nutrition in immune function and could boost the supplements category in pharmacy.

  8. Targeting pain

    When pain strikes most people reach for a pack of oral analgesics – but there are times when topical pain relief may be more appropriate. 

  9. Confident pet health conversations

    Learn 3 key steps to having more confident conversations with customers about pet health products.

  10. Step to it

    As summer approaches, now is the time to educate customers on foot and leg care.

  11. Get involved to improve children’s health

    Pharmacists have a unique opportunity to build trusting relationships with parents to influence the long-term health prospects of their children. Find out the most important ways you can get invo...

  12. Keeping bones healthy during the lockdown

    Long periods of immobility are a known risk factor for osteoporosis, which affects over three million people in the UK. And staying at home means that customers’ fitness levels could drop if the...

  13. Missed opportunities

    Women are ignoring potentially serious health problems during the current pandemic, worried about bothering busy health professionals or struggling to access the services they need. 

  14. Testing, testing

    As technology evolves and consumers are encouraged to embrace self care, home diagnostics tests could form part of a wider healthcare action plan.

  15. Soothing the itch

    Childhood eczema is so common that it’s easy to believe parents know how to manage it. This is not necessarily true, however, and there is plenty the pharmacy team can do to help.

  16. Women's health in lockdown

    Women may have more specific concerns about their health during this challenging time. It is important to help them stay motivated to protect their health and wellbeing to avoid more serious issues de...

  17. Fungal Nail Roundup

    Complete this short interactive module to refresh your knowledge on identifying and treating fungal nail infections, and discover more about a product you can recommend to customers.

  18. A new approach to osteoarthritis & joint pain

    When customers come to your pharmacy with joint pain associated with osteoarthritis or joint wear and tear, it may mean they have reached the point where their quality of life is being impacted.

  19. Warts and all

    The diagnosis of warts is usually straightforward but when it is uncertain or if there is a suspicion of actinic keratoses, squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma, it is important the person is referred.

  20. Senior moments

    A focus report on helping older people with their health and mobility. 

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