Self Care

  1. Ear care: A guide for pharmacy teams

    How can pharmacy teams help customers manage hearing loss and other ear conditions?

  2. IBS: Spell it out

    One-third of patients don’t believe healthcare professionals take irritable bowel syndrome seriously enough, so the need for better communication between care providers and sufferers is clear

  3. Warts and verrucas

    Warts and verrucas are common viral infections, so it's important to be up to date with how to prevent and treat them with OTC products. Watch this bite-size video, sponsored by EndWarts Freeze to fin...

  4. Baby skincare

    A baby's skin is delicate and can be easily damaged. With up to 70 to 84 nappy changes a week, it's important that parents use gentle products to clean their baby. Watch this two minute video, sponsor...

  5. Infant nutrition: Giving parents a helping hand

    The role of accessible, informed healthcare professionals is increasingly important in baby and child health and nutrition

  6. Happy pet = healthy pet

    Almost half of Britons own a pet and there’s plenty of scope for educating pet-owning customers on preventing and treating common health problems.

  7. School of thought

    With the new school term on the horizon, there are lots of health concerns that are likely to be playing on parents’ minds, from upset stomachs, to colds and head lice. 

  8. In focus

    The eyes are delicate organs, susceptible to a range of conditions that can be picked up during a routine eye exam, but people aren’t going as often as recommended.


    As September beckons, pharmacists need to be prepared to help parents with the challenges of a range of back to school conditions. 

  10. Natural wellbeing and healthcare

    This module provides an overview of how essential oils are used in aromatherapy products, to enable confident conversations 

  11. Healthy pet, healthy owner

    By making improvments to their own health, customers could improve their pets’ health, too

  12. Pharmacy first for minor injuries

    The good news is that people are doing more sport and exercise as a nation, but unfortunately are getting more injuries, too


    In this module Alan Nathan outlines the advice you should offer patients presenting with warts and verrucas and what OTC treatments are available. 

  14. Changing times

    It’s not just about hot flushes, the perimenopause can present a whole range of symptoms, writes Victoria Goldman.

  15. Musculoskeletal pain: A joint account

    Musculoskeletal pain can compromise the lives of sufferers, both physically and emotionally – yet less than a fifth of households use topical pain relief

  16. Accidents will happen

    Community pharmacies can be the first port of call for patients with minor injuries so it’s essential you’re prepared, says Sarah Welsh

  17. All ears

    Patients often present in the pharmacy with ear problems, so how can pharmacists advise on what they should and shouldn’t be doing?   

  18. Foot & leg care: Walk this way

    People often take their feet for granted. Make sure people turn to your pharmacy for expert advice when problems occur

  19. Sleep problems & stress

    The frenetic pace of life today can take its toll, resulting in mood disorders, poor sleep and ill health. How can pharmacists help?

  20. Growing the female health category

    The majority of your customers are women. So how can you grow this already established category?

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