Population Health

  1. The personal touch

    With the UK seemingly existing on a diet of ultra-processed food there’s an opportunity for pharmacists to make a difference to people’s health through targeted monitoring and nutritional ...

  2. Perspective: Better contraception access

    In today’s world the pill should be a Pharmacy medicine, as community pharmacists can safely and conveniently prescribe, supply and monitor

  3. The air that we breathe: A public health crisis

    Problems with the quality of the air that we breathe and the impact it can have on our health have not gone away

  4. Drug use in the elderly

    How can we tackle inappropriate prescribing and poor adherence in elderly patients?

  5. Pharmacy’s role in vascular disease

    Community pharmacists could do significantly more to improve vascular health says Professor David Taylor

  6. Short supply: Flu vaccine concerns

    The phased supply of the new adjuvanted flu vaccine for people over 65 years is causing problems with the pharmacy flu service

  7. Breaking point

    If not identified and managed appropriately, stress can have a significant negative impact both mentally and physically.

  8. Understanding ADHD

    There are practical steps pharmacy teams can take in order to best meet the needs of families living with ADHD.

  9. Boost your microscopic squatters

    Pre- and probiotics are a hot topic, but do they have a positive effect on the body or are their benefits more style over substance?

  10. 30 shades of purple

    With Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month approaching, there are plenty of opportunities for pharmacies.

  11. HIV and women: Losing the cloak of invisibility

    A new report investigates why women are overlooked when it comes to HIV and says the issue needs addressing urgently

  12. Sexual health services at a tipping point

    Public health funding in England is being cut year-on-year and this is having a direct impact on sexual health services commissioned by local authorities at a time when demand is rising

  13. Briefing: the sugar tax

    So the sugar tax has been introduced – will it be able to counter the numerous health issues caused by the UK’s sweet tooth?

  14. Nutrition: The fat of the land

    Around 27 per cent of the population is clinically obese and another 36 per cent are overweight – the situation is out of control

  15. Health inequalities: UK failing moral test

    The NHS was set up to meet the health needs of everyone... so why are people still falling through the cracks?

  16. Sitting comfortably? Helping people to be active

    People’s inactivity can lead to a host of chronic health conditions, which is why we all need to get out of our chairs and move a bit more. How can pharmacy can help?

  17. Can the quit smoking dip be turned around?

    An NHS report has shown that the number of people who accessed NHS Stop Smoking Services fell for the fifth consecutive year in 2016/17

  18. Migraine Awareness Week runs 3-9 September

    The week will kick off with a Migraine Information Event in Shrewsbury on 2 September.

  19. London's Science Museum showcases disease breathalyzer

    The disease breathalyzer, ReCIVA, has been selected to feature in the Tomorrow’s World gallery.

  20. Promoting long, healthy lives - the role of pharmacy

    This NPA-accredited module highlights risk factors for ill health among older people and how you can help customers reduce these risks to live longer, healthier lives.

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