Population Health

  1. A helping hand

    Over half of all mental health conditions start before the age of 14. Pharmacies can help to signpost expert support.

  2. Protection is pivotal

    Every four minutes, a young person in England is diagnosed with an STI, pharmacy teams can help reduce the incidence.

  3. Drug use in the elderly

    How can we tackle inappropriate prescribing and poor adherence in elderly patients?

  4. Banish the booze

    Some 4.2 million people are projected to ditch the booze for Dry January in 2019 to save money and to improve their health.

  5. Child health goals

    England is falling behind in Europe on markers for child health, what can pharmacy do to help reverse this decline?

  6. Takeaway messages

    Snacking and fast food have been identified as a key problem for young people and obesity. So what can be done?

  7. Pharmacy’s role in vascular disease

    Community pharmacists could do significantly more to improve vascular health says Professor David Taylor

  8. Self care: a year round mission

    Self care is the topic of the moment and pharmacies can help protect the health of their communities.

  9. The white stuff

    Overall, the sugar tax is likely to be good for the nation’s health, but it may prompt queries from those living with diabetes.

  10. #RockTheRibbon

    Huge progress has been made in the fight against AIDS, but as World AIDS Day approaches, stigma remains a challenge.

  11. Testing times

    PHE’s Heart Age Test sparked debate when it launched in September. So is it a useful tool or will it cause more harm than good?

  12. Short supply: Flu vaccine concerns

    The phased supply of the new adjuvanted flu vaccine for people over 65 years is causing problems with the pharmacy flu service

  13. Breaking point

    If not identified and managed appropriately, stress can have a significant negative impact both mentally and physically.

  14. Understanding ADHD

    There are practical steps pharmacy teams can take in order to best meet the needs of families living with ADHD.

  15. Boost your microscopic squatters

    Pre- and probiotics are a hot topic, but do they have a positive effect on the body or are their benefits more style over substance?

  16. Smoking, butt out!

    Stopping smoking is the most important thing a smoker can do to improve their health. And Stoptober can help.

  17. 30 shades of purple

    With Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month approaching, there are plenty of opportunities for pharmacies.

  18. Cancer support with cake and a cuppa

    Macmillan Cancer Support is encouraging everyone to get involved on 28 September for the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’. 

  19. HIV and women: Losing the cloak of invisibility

    A new report investigates why women are overlooked when it comes to HIV and says the issue needs addressing urgently

  20. Diabetes denial

    Diabetes is a growing problem in the UK, particularly for men who are more likely to develop the disease than women.

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