Self Care

  1. Doing it for the boys

    In the UK, the life expectancy of men is lower than that of women, but there is no biological reason for this

  2. Care-free days?

    The list of health and wellbeing woes that can affect children can seem overwhelming at times

  3. How pharmacies help keep new mums happy

    Looking out for perinatal mental illness is just one area where pharmacy teams can help new parents.

  4. Forward vision for eye health category

    An ageing population means a growing number of eye-related problems, but a healthy diet and lifestyle has its benefits.

  5. Born too soon

    All babies need extra care and attention, but premature babies need a helping hand more than most.  

  6. Out on a limb

    The wound care category can offer the pharmacy team a host of opportunities.

  7. Getting the balance right

    If weight loss is simply a matter of eating less and moving more, why do people struggle to achieve a healthy weight?

  8. Sore spot

    Back pain can cause soreness, stiffness and tension

  9. Tackling skin problems in pharmacy

    Skin infections are the most frequent skin complaints that GPs are consulted about

  10. A healthy nine months

    Mums-to-be need reliable advice and reassurance during pregnancy, a role that pharmacy teams can help to fulfil.

  11. One in 10 are not registered with a dentist

    The oral health category has grown significantly, but there is still much more to do in communicating key messages.  

  12. Get ahead on hair advice

    People are more confident about asking for advice about hair loss and scalp problems  

  13. Burning questions: upper GI Problems

    What can pharmacists do to equip patients with the necessary knowledge to control their upper GI symptoms?

  14. Teenage health services

    Young people seem to draw the short straw when it comes to health services

  15. More than just a headache

    With its multiple symptoms and disabling effect on sufferers, migraine is much more than just a headache

  16. A fresh start

    The New Year offers the chance to change and improve many aspects of life – including our health

  17. Pain can be better managed

    Up to 10 million people in Britain suffer pain regularly. How can community pharmacies help improve and manage their pain?

  18. Beating the bloat

    Many people will be suffering from tummy trouble but pharmacy is ideally situated to provide them with the right solution.

  19. Giving patients the best advice

    Patients need to ask for advice, rather than self-diagnosing online and jumping to conclusions.  

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