Self Care

  1. Step by step

    People often take their feet for granted but being known as the place to go for help when things go wrong is a great way to increase footfall in your pharmacy...

  2. Children's pain and fever

    Pain and fever can cause much distress in children, pharmacy teams can be there to provide reassurance and expert advice.

  3. Save our soles

    Buying footwear online is having a negative impact on foot health but pharamcy teams can be on hand to help.

  4. Managing skin conditions in pharmacy

    With restrictions on prescribing for minor conditions, many are being directed to their pharmacy for treatment and advice.

  5. Stand against sitting

    Being less active during the day has been linked to a variety of health problems, so how can people get enough daily activity?

  6. Tummy talk

    Coeliac disease and IBS often go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, leading to continuous discomfort and other issues. 

  7. Big little things

    When it comes to minor accidents and injuries, pharmacy staff can be on hand to help inform customers about first aid.

  8. Travel health

    More people are travelling abroad each year, pharmacy staff can provide advice on issues people may encounter while they are away.

  9. The lowdown on child health

    From vaccinations to obesity and common illnesses, pharmacy has a key role to play when it comes to kids’ health

  10. Hayfever

    By providing customers with advice on managing hayfever, pharmacy teams can help make the summer enjoyable.

  11. An infectious smile

    Maintaining a healthy and happy smile is simple, right? Here's what the experts recommend.

  12. 10 minute clinic: dry skin and eczema

    This handy 10-minute clinic is a quick reference guide that will help you advise customers on dry skin and eczema.

  13. Get to the joint

    In order to enjoy our later years mobile and pain free, protecting joint and musculoskeletal health is key.

  14. Pet hates: A look at common veterinary ailments

    More needs to be done to inform pet owners about the importance of year-round preventative parasite treatments

  15. Promote travel health, promote community pharmacy

    Public health specialist Michelle Dyoss says travel clinics are a real win win

  16. Happy, healthy holidays

    Make sure you're first port of call for your customers' travel health and sun protection needs

  17. Best foot forward

    With an ageing population and an increase in conditions such as diabetes, pharmacy teams should be raising awareness of foot health. 

  18. 10 minute clinic: sleep and insomnia

    This handy 10-minute clinic acts as a quick reference guide that will help you advise customers on sleep and insomnia.

  19. Finding routes to fitness

    Physical activity can make a huge difference to health and wellbeing but too many of us remain inactive

  20. Supply and demand

    As diets change, find out how pharmacy teams can play an important role in vitamin guidance.

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