People & Team Training

  1. Becoming a mentor

    This module introduces mentoring as a concept and describes its importance as an effective way of supporting learning

  2. Partnerships with general practice

    Collaborate with general practice to forge long-term and patient-centric relationships

  3. Body language and self-confidence

    The body language that you display tells people as much as the words you speak

  4. Could I be a mentor?

    With peer support a concept gaining attention in pharmacy, how does mentoring work and what skills are needed?

  5. When patients complain

    It is an unusual pharmacy that has never had to respond to a patient complaint. What’s the best approach to this?

  6. Managing problems and making good decisions

    How do you know that you are making the right decisions?

  7. Public health awareness campaigns with impact

    How do you run an effective health awareness campaign?

  8. Using patient-friendly language

    Why you may need to improve your communication skills and the benefits to patient care

  9. Training: keeping knowledge and skills up to date

    This review will help pharmacy teams to focus on meeting ongoing CPD requirements and to identify training needs.

  10. Successful patient communication

    Learn the best way to successfully communitate with patients in your pharmacy

  11. Why people hate appraisals

    Learn the best way to handle staff appraisals and the key dos and don'ts 

  12. Know your own strengths

    Learning from reflection is key to personal development. So how can you analyse your performance?

  13. Ways to maximise pharmacy skill mix

    How can you build and develop your pharmacy team to maximise their skills?

  14. Meeting targets and objectives

    Getting where you want to be doesn’t happen by accident. It needs a strategic approach, with written targets and a clear plan

  15. How to recruit employees

    The recruitment process is one of vital importance to any business, how do you go about it?

  16. Managing difficult employees

    Be clear about the standards you expect from your team, and deal with any problems promptly

  17. Personal resilience under pressure

    The pressure you face today in community pharmacy is probably more than ever before

  18. Could an MBA benefit your pharmacy?

    Business training has been crucial to the story of the successful family-run Day Lewis business

  19. Clear communication

    Worried about what to say? Use this technique to help plan a key conversation

  20. Managing staff absenteeism

    Unauthorised absence can impact on a company and must be dealt with.

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