Retail & Merchandising

  1. Visual merchandising – a silent sales tool

    Visual merchandising has the potential to positively and negatively affect sales. How much time and energy do you dedicate to making your pharmacy aesthetically appealing to your audience?

  2. Catching up on missed sales

    To a consumer it's just a nuisance. To a retailer, unmet demand is lost business

  3. The menopause: stay up to date

    Keep up to date with the questions 13 million UK women are asking

  4. A world of change

    Ethical sourcing and sustainability is increasing in popularity for everything, including healthcare products.

  5. Selling in the pharmacy

    How to balance commercial enterprise with proper and correct care.

  6. Assessing the benefits of a pharmacy refit

    One year on from a major refit of the pharmacy, the team reviews the impact of the changes and the latest business performance

  7. Time is money – the value of an hour

    This pharmacy looked to understand the value of their time and where time was best spent  

  8. How to build customer trust

    Building trust and loyalty is most often the result of sustained positive customer experiences delivered by all the pharmacy team

  9. Time or quality? Giving patients the time they deserve

    How can the pharmacy team make sure that the time is used to best effect?

  10. Driving sales to keep profit on track

    Achieve retail success by following a few simple steps to improve your offer

  11. Build customer relationships

    Warman-Freed Pharmacy looks for customer loyalty and developing a strategy that rewards both the customer and the pharmacy

  12. Understanding customers makes business sense

    Understanding customers by putting yourself in their shoes ensures your healthcare and retail offerings are aligned with their needs.

  13. Thinking of making a sale?

    What happens if you agree to sell your pharmacy lease, and your landlord insists that you are a guarantor for the buyer?

  14. Guarding against uninsured damage

    What happens if a leasehold pharmacy is damaged or destroyed by an uninsured risk?

  15. Self-awareness is a benefit to leaders

    P3 publishes selected extracts from the new book ‘What we mean when we talk about leadership’

  16. How to master the numbers

    Adding financial management to your long list of responsibilities can seem hugely overwhelming.

  17. Decide on a plan of action for your pharmacy

    Pharmacies need a plan of action in place in order to improve their business

  18. Get to know your pharmacy customer

    There are resources available to pharmacy businesses that will help them better understand their customer base.

  19. Rise of the robots

    Where are we when it comes to greater use of pharmacy automation?

  20. Structured questioning at the counter

    This looks at the process of questioning for giving advice or recommending a product

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