1. Business planning in a changing world

    Understanding what you are trying to achieve and what success looks like is vital if your team and your business are to grow

  2. Sustaining a culture of quality improvement

    Recognising and rewarding high quality clinical services will continue to transform community pharmacy. But how do you promote the right culture to sustain an overall focus on quality improvement?

  3. Professionalism in pharmacy

    What professionalism is or isn’t may be difficult to define in practice

  4. The case for a dispensing robot

    A range of factors affects the suitability of automation and technology for each pharmacy business. This module considers the business case for installing dispensary automation.  

  5. Do patients know what your pharmacy offers?

    This P3 Business CPD module covers how to help patients and potential customers to understand the breadth of what your pharmacy offers.

  6. Understanding risk in pharmacy

    Understanding the risks you potentially face in a pharmacy

  7. A Guide to Change Management: embedding change

    This CPD module is about embedding change. It explains the importance of embedding a change ethos

  8. A Guide to Change Management: delivery and review

    This CPD module is about delivery and review. It explains the importance of measuring and monitoring success.

  9. A Guide to Change Management: capability and capacity planning

    This module focuses on capability and capacity planning. It explains how to get the best out of your workforce.

  10. A Guide to Change Management: Preparing for action

    This CPD module is about preparing for action. It explains how to develop and put into practice a vision of your business journey.

  11. A Guide to Change Management: preparing for change

    This module looks at how pharmacists can prepare for the rapidly changing landscape around them.

  12. Buying a pharmacy?

    Key points to consider when buying a pharmacy business

  13. How to build resilience at work

    With the pace of life so fast, can you learn how to manage it?

  14. Getting refits right

    How to make your refit work for your pharmacy

  15. Understanding the future

    An educated view on future developments helps you to plan your direction today

  16. A Guide to Change Management: Context for Change

    This is the first in a series of articles about why and how independent pharmacists can adapt to the rapidly changing landscape around them.

  17. Understanding competition law

    Pharmacy lawyer Richard Hough explains how competition rules affect community pharmacy

  18. Developing leadership skills

    This CPD module explains why leadership is important and describes the attributes of a good leader

  19. Act now to lead change

    How do you prepare for the process of change?

  20. Preparing for change

    How do you keep your business going strong when undergoing periods of change?

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